Behind Veronica’s Glass Jewelry

Published September 26, 2012 by ramonaradan

Once Dichroic glass is handcrafted, and influenced with the rarest colors of an Arizona sunset, wearable art is born. Veronica’s Glass Jewelry was founded in 2008, by the creative artist herself, Barbara Covner Roth.

After calling Scottsdale her home for so long, Roth found inspiration and beauty in its nature. It wasn’t until a family cruise that her business aspirations began to develop into a reality. “When we were on the cruise, I talked with my whole family and the cruise ship manager really liked my jewelry. From there it all just kept building.”

Veronica’s Glass Jewelry can now be found on the Royal Caribbean, Discovery, and Princess cruise ships in locations around the world that include Croatia, Greece, England, France, South Africa, and South America. From Scottsdale to Miami fashion week, her greatest accomplishments include having the jewelry line featured at Super Bowl parties, high volume sales, and most importantly the very large customer base world-wide.

“I’ve discovered my creative abilities and the ability to look inside myself and see what comes out. How something can just come out of nothing, Like’ wow I did not know I could do this’.” She makes sure to include diversity in her line, and takes the latest fashion trends and colors into consideration when designing collections.

Roth emphasized on fashion’s strong impact on society, and how it demonstrates how we feel about ourselves, “fashion really helps you be who you are and create your own unique persona.” After taking Scottsdale’s fashion scene by storm, she plans to focus her energy to bigger cities such as Los Angeles and New York.

Roth advises aspiring business owners to, “make sure you’re doing something you really like to do, because you’ll be spending a lot of time working on it. And make sure you’re doing something you really love.” Her commendable accomplishments are inspirational to all the dreamers with just a small idea, and show that success can be limitless with enough determination.


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